My Free Credit Report

Credit report is the consolidated report on all credit lines of the consumer. When somebody applies for a loan or a credit card the credit report and score is checked if the lender can safely lend money. You can check your credit score online, by phone or mail.

How can I get my free credit report

Your free credit report could be obtained from, or, which are the only official websites where you can get your report and receive your score fast and easy. On each of these websites you can fill in a small registration form. The site will then take care of your request and send you free credit report and score from all the three credit bureaus which are the TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. You can also submit a request for free credit report through phone or mail.

What are the features of my free credit report? will fetch you the results either instantly or within several days (depending on verification process).

You can also opt to some offerings from commercial credit report sites and take up their trial packages and check if you like benefits provided by paid subscription. With paid subscription your credit report could be verified by the expert team which could be quite useful. You can also monitor your credit report and receive timely alerts to notify about the changes in your credit scores.

Importance of my credit report

Annual credit report and score is very important and you can say that good credit score is equal to great rates. When you have a bad credit score you can end up paying excess amount where you shouldn’t be. The good credit score is your ticket to have a best deal on mortgage plans, home and auto loans, home and auto insurance, insurance premiums and other lending options at the best rates available.

Personal information provided by you to any website could be very sensitive and if care is not taken it can lead you to the ditch of identity theft. It is a major threat in the present days to many people across the globe. So, you have to look in for the sites where you will have your information securely kept away from hackers and online thieves.