Free Annual Credit Report

Free annual credit report is provided to every individual who has a social security number. Credit report is the record of the person’s financial history. Under recent changes to Federal Law people have to be given a free credit report annually. Every year the metrics are released where you can check the status of the record. A credit report is vital to many important procedures that you might encounter. One can choose to have their free annual credit report from many sources. A good credit history will generate a good credit report. On the other hand, a bad credit history will affect the report.

There are certified agencies that provide a credit report on request. The request can be submitted through online, by mail or phone. Also, every earning member is entitled to receive their free annual credit report every 12 months. Credit report is needed for taking up loans, credit cards and other lending procedures. A good credit report is wished by everyone because the lenders choose the best credit history holder to ensure eligibility for lending. You can also order a credit report from the central source of the registered agencies.

What is a credit report?

Free annual credit report contains all the information that has been incurred on your account during recent financial years. All your credit details are maintained in a credit file and are retrieved when a lender runs through your information to lend money. Credit file disclosure is the process of helping the lender with credit details, at the time of request. On your free annual credit report, if you find errors in your report, you can choose to rectify it by reaching the credit reporting company.

Avoid fraudulence

Care must be taken, because at times the poor credit history can damage your records. Fair Credit Reporting Act provides all the other details of your free annual credit report and rights are also explained along with if you have any doubts and want extra information about your files. However you can always repair your credit reports. The free annual credit report is very securely set up to safeguard your information against any fraudulent activities and keep the records straight so that they are not misused any further. For the visually impaired free annual credit report can be requested in Braille, Audio tapes and large print by the disability Act of the state.

If the State that you live in has the credit report requesting service, it will be mailed to you in less than 15 days. Secure the mail box, it is best to authenticate the website you are requesting credit history reports. Websites that provide free annual credit report to their customers also follow strict guidelines to ensure the security of the information provided by the consumer to have their reports via online with secure programs and have the online forgery at bay.